Below is a list of classicists with interests in cognitive approaches. The purpose is to help identify contributors to the bibliography, as well as to facilitate collaboration. It is hoped that the list will grow: please contact us if you are willing to have your name listed. We would especially like to encourage doctoral students and early-career researchers.

For ease of approach, the list is broken down into subdivisions of Classics. Not all are currently represented, but we are happy to add e.g. Ancient Philosophy at the point it is needed.

Greek & Latin Literature

Annemarie Ambühl

Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

Greek and Latin epic and tragedy, Hellenistic poetry, Lucan
Metaphor, embodiment (inc. senses), emotion, memory


Luigi Battezzato

Università del Piemonte Orientale

Greek epic, lyric, tragedy
Memory, metaphor, self, theory of mind

Felix Budelmann

University of Oxford

Greek lyric, tragedy
Theory of mind, immersion, time, visuality

Douglas Cairns

University of Edinburgh

Society, ethics, emotion, Homer, tragedy, lyric
Embodiment, enactivism, emotion

Maria Chriti

Harvard University

Ancient linguistics, philosophy of language, Aristotelian linguistics
Cognitive linguistics, name assignment

Jennifer Devereaux

University of Southern California

Rhetoric, historiography, cognitive poetics, history of emotion.
Embodiment, intercorporeality, distributed cognition.


Robin Dixon

University of Sydney

Roman theatre, Roman comedy, ancient drama in performance
Memory, orality & literacy, distributed cognition

Katharine Earnshaw

University of Exeter

Latin hexameter poetry
Imagination, 4E, cognitive environments, time


Evert van Emde Boas

University of Oxford

Greek literature (esp. epic & tragedy), Greek linguistics
Social cognition (characterisation), cognitive stylistics, visualisation, immersion

Jonas Grethlein

Universität Heidelberg

Homer, historiography, novel, aesthetics
4e, immersion, time

Peter Meineck

New York University

Greek drama, ancient performance
Distributed cognition, social & cultural neuroscience, emotions

Elizabeth Minchin

The Australian National University

Ancient epic, reception studies, orality & literacy
Cognition, memory, orality

Anne-Sophie Noel

Georgetown University

Tragedy, comedy, drama in performance, ‘object culture’ in ancient Greece
Imagination and visualisation, distributed cognition, cognitive and emotive objects

Cristóbal Pagán Cánovas

University of Navarra

Lyric, oral poetics, emotions
Blending, embodiment, constructions-frames, time, multimodality

William Short

University of Exeter

Latin, Roman cultural history, anthropology
Embodiment, 4E, cog semantics, metaphor


Inês Silva

University of Edinburgh

Archaic Greek Poetry, symposium, Archilochus
cognitive linguistics, attention, cognitive environments, social cognition

Fabio Tutrone

Università di Palermo

Lucretius, Seneca, Roman philosophy, anthropology of the ancient world
Distributed cognition, extended mind, cognitive artefacts, persuasion

Alessandro Vatri

University of Oxford

Rhetoric, Greek linguistics, cultural history, orality/literacy
language comprehension (psycholinguistics), psychoacoustics, memory

Ancient History & Material Culture

Leonardo Ambasciano

Masaryk University, Brno

Roman religion, Roman history, gender, historiography
Cognitive science of religion, evolutionary psychology, neurohistory, cultural evolution

Paul Dilley

University of Iowa

Late Antique religions, early Christianity, digital humanities
Theory of Mind, emotions, imagination, memory

Esther Eidinow

University of Bristol

Greek social & cultural history, esp. religion & magic
Grounded cognition, narrative, uncertainty & decision-making

Jakub Filonik

Jagiellonian University Krakow

Athenian oratory, Athenian democracy, Greek political thought, Greek law
conceptual metaphor, conceptual blending, Critical Metaphor Analysis

Aaltje Hidding

Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Late Antiquity, early Christianity, Greek & Coptic hagiography, memory
Extended mind, distributed cognition, cognitive ecology

Josipa Lulić

University of Zagreb

Roman provinces, Roman Empire, ancient religion, Roman sculpture
Extended mind, visual cognition, cognitive theory of culture

Jacob Mackey

Queens College, CUNY

Roman religion, Roman children & childhood, intellectual history
Intentionality, collective intentionality, imitation, social ontology

Cristina Rosillo-López

Universidad Pablo de Olavide

Roman history, Cicero, memory, orality
Uncertainty, decision-making, cognitive biases

Kevin Solez

MacEwan University

Homeric epic, Greek cultural history, ancient sport, anthropology
Metaphor, embodiment, narrative‎, etymological wordplay

Yulia Ustinova

Ben-Gurion University of the Negev

Greek & Roman religion, history of religion, Greek culture
Alteration of consciousness, social cognition, bias & preconception

Katerina Volioti

University of Roehampton

Materiality, relational archaeology, Greek vases
Psychology of aesthetics